Email Analysis

Crafting The Perfect Email

An overview

There cannot be a perfect marketing email in the sense that it could be the best possible for every customer or every business. Anyone with an email marketing list knows that those on it dictate an email’s make up. However, that does not preclude an email being the best for a particular sub-group on your list.

Success in bulk email marketing is in dealing with the variables. They are considerable and those companies which make a success of the business do so by informed choice. The main method is by segmenting their email marketing lists according to the most critical points. There are arguments as to what these might be, but these are my personal vital features:

  • Getting Through to the Inbox
  • From Line
  • Subject Line
  • Banner
  • Picture Choice
  • Text
  • Layout and appearance
  • Time Sent

Each factor has a major influence on how the reader perceives the email, except ‘Getting Through to the Inbox’. It is obvious, but bears repeating, that even if the email is faultless, if it does not get through the spam filters then all your effort is wasted.

The ‘From’ line can be critical. Research shows that there is a split of around 50:50 between those who look at the ‘From’ line first to those who read the ‘Subject’ line, but their functions, from our point of view are different. The ‘From’ line is there to reassure the customer that the email is from a company or person they recognise. If you have shown that your marketing emails are always relevant to the receiver, then this increases the chances of it being read.

The ‘Subject’ line sets the tone of the email. Its function is to secure attention and interest of the reader. Go in too heavy and customers will doubt the claims. If you are too light, then it will not stand out against all the other marketing emails.

By opening the email the readers have shown themselves to be interested in the offer. If you lose them now then it is your fault. The banner should reinforce the original offer and add a little more.

Pictures can do so much more than words alone. Pretty of itself is not sufficient. An image must convey information as well so it has to be relevant. I am astounded as to how many marketing emails contain bland stock images. What a waste!

As a writer I’m bound to say that text can make or break a marketing email. However, that doesn’t stop me from being right. Say the wrong thing, or say the right thing badly, and the sale can be dead.

Layout is, to a certain extent, dictated by technical requirements. Email marketing templates can be of tremendous help here, but remember that you want to stand out from the crowd. A little bit of inspiration, or inspired copying, can give a substantial increase of returns.

The final point, timing, should not be left to last as it is probably one of the most important things to consider.

We will cover individual points in future articles.




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