Email Analysis

Ensure information about you will be noticed

We’ve all got About Us pages. We don’t know why. Visitors are few, and those that do wander into it are probably lost. Some are used to sell the company, but there’s little point if no one is reading. We are data-led in email marketing yet cheerfully ignore the returns.

About Us pages in websites often demonstrate two basic errors. Firstly, when it comes to email marketing, anything that is not pulling its weight needs to be binned. If your returns show that few people visit that page, and stay only for a few seconds, it is taking up time from a potential customer which could be put to better use.

Ensure Information About You Will Be NoticedThe second aspect is all but unforgiveable. The clue is in the title of the page. It is about you. The vast majority of customers don’t really care, and this is supported by the data. A website should be about them.

We want leads and we want sales. If there’s copy on your About Us page that might be useful when selling your products, then it needs to go somewhere else. Good ideas gathering dust help no one. Work out where the copy will be seen to its best advantage.

If you have expertise in a particular area, and can prove it with endorsements, reviews and such, then you will not want to hide it. If you have been called ‘a Colossus bestriding the net’ then put it on a page on your website where it will be seen. I’d add it to every email marketing campaign as well.

If your design team have improved a product’s performance, ensure your customers are aware of it by telling them what you’ve done. You need returns from investment. If a list of improvements is the first thing they see on a landing page, then feel reassured they are as well.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it is a meme that has gathered momentum over recent years. If you’ve got something saleable, then stick it on a marketing email, or prominently on your website. Don’t hide it on an About Us page. 



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