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How bad was your week in email marketing?

Let’s be reassuring; no matter how badly your current email marketing campaign is going, or if the inter-departmental problems are restricting your ability to do your job properly, you have it easy compared to the Prime Minister. Mrs May’s had a rough couple of weeks and, if anything, the forecast is that it will get considerably worse come the New Year.

How Bad Was Your Week In Email MarketingWhile the intra-governmental battles, and those with the EU, are compulsive viewing, all they seem to do is make the type of Brexit we will have more obscure. As I write this, no particular Brexit has become more likely. What is clear is that no one knows what will happen. The result of all this uncertainty is a hit on the pound and the threat of essential workers leaving the country.

The most sensible advice would normally be to plan for every eventuality, but that’s rather pointless given the plethora of options. Email marketing is likely, it would appear, to have a period of stability whatever happens. We will still need to comply with the GDPR as it will be embedded in our legislation for some time. Your established systems for processing your email marketing lists will be all you need. 

Tariffs could be imposed. It is possible that we might receive some notification of this but it is advisable to have some sort of plan for any variations in prices. Different email marketing templates for countries with different commercial agreements.

One of the options being suggested by the media is another referendum. There have been denials from those in authority in the government but whether that is merely whistling in the wind or not is unclear. Remaining in the EU, even temporarily, might be seen as the easiest for us. There would be more time to prepare if, at the end of a 2-year hiatus on Article 50, we have an agreed route to leave.

No dependable commentator seems willing to give a most-likely option for 29 March

. All we can do is have flexible plans. However, it seems likely that initially, email marketing will be little affected compared to other form of marketing.  



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