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How to compete

There is a delicious naughtiness about pinching other people’s ideas. Firstly, it is cheap, an essential in email marketing. Secondly, you might well bring a fresh perspective to the situation and improve the product. Thirdly, no reputations collapse if it all goes wrong. You have someone to blame.

If you go to Competition Hunter you will find a plethora of examples, all but wizards, just waiting for you to put your stamp on, such as the Gumigen teething necklace. It is not, perhaps, the most life-changing of prizes but you do at least have a choice of colours. The only problem is how to use a competition in email marketing.

Let us assume you are selling golf clubs and connected paraphernalia. The number of unsubscribes is causing you concern and you want to use a competition as a reward for remaining on your email marketing lists. Consider having one a month, the only form of entry is via the link to the microsite on every marketing email.

The prize need not be of tremendous value as the Gumigen demonstrates. A promotional umbrella is adequate and would also advertise your products to other golfers.

The subscriber receives the email, does not fancy the particular product but clicks through to the microsite where they enter the competition. On that page there is another offer, one they could find more tempting.

Whilst the person might be considering clicking the box to unsubscribe, the thought occurs to them that they will not then be able to enter the following month’s competition nor subsequent ones.

The statistics will show if the cost of an umbrella or two is worth the return on investment. Take into consideration that this is a ready outlet for outdated stock as well. When things are free people are not so critical.

The competition could also be used as an incentive at trade fairs and such, with the winner notified by email. The URL for the microsite will be unique each month so players would have to subscribe to continue.

Competitions in email marketing might well be just the thing that will keep your subscribers. You will not know unless you try.



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