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How to re-engage lapsed email subscribers

I apologise for starting on a negative point, but sometimes relationships come to an end and there’s nothing you can do about it. It goes for subscribers to your email marketing list as well as for life, but in both cases you can sometimes can overcome their reluctance to continue.

Your subscribers will have a lifecycle and you need to recognise when they close in on the unsubscribe time. For some, it might be a sudden drop off in opens, with others it might be that their normal rate of purchase slows considerably. Then there are those who will give no recognisable warnings until you suddenly realise they haven’t completed in the last dozen campaigns. 

It is always better to act early rather than late. Start a programme to encourage re-engagement to get them back in the fold. Set up an email marketing list for such reluctant subscribers and try one or more of the methods below.

1/ Stop sending them marketing emails.

This might seem counterintuitive but it can be effective. For a period of time, remove them from every email marketing campaign. If you send weekly emails, then consider every couple of months. The next one might trigger a response.

How To Re-engage Lapsed Email Subscribers2/ Check to see if you are sending them relevant offers. 

It might be that they’ve moved on from whatever they bought before. Try offering something to go with their recent purchases, especially consumables. 

3/ Discounts.

If they have been regular and reliable customers in the past, send an email with a ‘can’t miss at this price’ offer or a free gift. It’s an investment.

4/ Ask them what the problem is.

Work out the tone of message most likely to get them buying again. ‘We miss you so much’ is good but might not work with everyone.

5/ Letting them go.

If they hit the unsubscribe button, reply with a ‘thank-you for your custom’ and say that you hope they will consider your company in the future if they are looking to purchase. 

6/ Give up.

If they don’t respond to anything, remove them from all email marketing lists. They will only mess with your stats.




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