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I reckon it’s not bad

Testimonials are the most influential device you can use in an email marketing campaign. The only differences in the results of surveys is how high the percentage is of those who trust them. A quick internet search shows that 60% is not unusual. If they are so good, you might wonder why everyone doesn’t use them.

The one essential if you are considering using testimonials is that they are honest. Making up your own can be illegal and not only that, most shoppers are suspicious of a too glowing review. After all, aren’t you a bit wary of a product which has 20 people rating it at 5 star?

If someone makes a claim that your product saved them 25% and the average is between 5 and 12%, then if you use that comment you should mention the norm. It the claim is impossible, then you cannot include it.

Use their own words. It can be irritating if you describe your product’s colour as midnight maroon and they call it black, but it adds an aura of authenticity. 

If you are pushing the reliability of your product, then opt for the mild endorsement of longevity rather than the gushing appreciation of the instruction. All positive comment is good.

Do not reject an endorsement if it contains criticism mixed with praise. If your printer power input arrangement stops it being placed against a wall, then leave this in. You could, perhaps, mention that this is deliberate in order to ensure cooling for the long printer runs your product is perfect for. It can be useful too if, for instance, it was said that the packaging was damaged on arrival. Include the fact that you now use a different carrier or firmer packaging.

Take care with editing. Some people waffle and it is accepted to exclude repetition. If your are going to use just one phrase from it, then include the full feedback elsewhere and provide some form of link. Extensive editing is obvious and has a negative effect on potential customers. Include grammatical errors, or improper use of words. If someone suggests your product decimates weeds, run with it even if they were reduced by 98%.

WizEmail's DataBot will show you the way in the confusing world of testimonialsAsk for permission to use names of the originators.

Use your testimonials in the most effective way you can. Work out what your customers want to know and use them to support this. Show that you are proud of your product. Make a feature of how you value feedback. Suggest something along the lines of: “Customer satisfaction is our major concern.” 

Many people place testimonials on their website and leave it at that. A more effective was is to discover where customers leave the process. If landing page abandonments are concerning you then a strategically placed: “The best and most reliable  supplier I’ve ever used” might convince those who are experiencing doubt.

They can be tremendously effective in a email marketing campaign. One placed by the cart, such as Mrs T. of Stoke saying that you gave “excellent service, I could not criticise any aspect” might be just the thing to make them click buy.




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