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Make loyalty work for your email marketing

Why should those on your email marketing lists ignore the unsubscribe button? There are lots of other companies out there only too willing to offer them an advantage to change their allegiance. You can’t always get the balance between cost and quality just right.

Most of the research on the subject supports loyalty as being a very strong influence on most people’s decision-making. Familiarity might breed contempt but it also stops people wandering away for supposedly greener grass. You need to build on your subscribers’ natural tendency to remain with what they know.

Make Loyalty Work For Your Email MarketingA loyalty programme is better described as building a relationship with your subscribers. It does not mean that you should offer them bargain prices all the time, although an occasional reduction can work well. We want them to feel they are special.

Start at the basics. Don’t tell them they are subscribers to an email marketing list but are members of a club, perhaps even use the word community. If they phone/email with a query they should be told something like, ‘As you are a member of our concessions club, I’ll let our customer services manager know of your problem.’ When the reply comes the CSM’s name should be attached.

Similarly you could just tell your high-return customers that they are part of premium group which gives them access to all sorts of special benefits. A direct line, or specific email address that is replied to within four hours will work wonders.

There’s no doubt most people respond to stroking. You are telling them they are valued. You are also hinting that if they want similar treatment from one of your competitors then it will be some time before they can get to the same level. 

Building a dialogue with subscribers is an excellent way of keeping them on your email marketing lists. Identify them when they post on social media and ensure you reply in quick time. Keep the conversation going. Show them you are interested in their thoughts and needs. 

If you show subscribers you regard them as special, they will feel in some way obliged to you. 




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