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More on getting email addressed added to your list

The rented email list has been left to last as it can generate strong reactions, both from the user and the recipient. The message is sent to persons on an email list from an email list provider. The worry of many is that although they will have been told that those on the list have opted in this might not be the case. If they haven’t then a direct marketing email sent to them will be spam. It should be remembered that the sender is liable regardless of assurances.

Further, the actual date they opted in might well have been some time previously so the perception, if not the fact, in the mind of the recipient is that it is spam. A further complication is that the source, you, will be different from the one they signed up with.

It is up to you to establish the value of the list. You will want to know:
how many times the list has been accessed by other customers,
how long the emails have been on the list,
the location of the addresses,
the source of the list, and
what targeting options are available.
You will hope for:
a short time,
in your target area,
something in some way associated with your product, and
you would expect age, gender and postcode but would hope for more
Remember that with rented lists you normally only get the one shot at the addresses. However, you should not be expected to pay for those that bounce. However, individual benefits will vary with the suppliers.

Due to the fact that you will be a stranger to them, at least as the source of emails, it is best to explain how you came by their address. Do not tell them of any sordid rental business but introduce your company and say that they have received the email because of the information they supplied to the list owner. You can reassure them by introducing one new name, yours, and mentioning a familiar one in the same sentence.

The benefits of a rented list include the fact that it is all but instant and you can control the numbers precisely. There is little or no preparatory work involved, and the spread is probably greater than you will be able to source.

The downsides include lack of control as to the source of the addresses, the high costs, typically more than a direct email acquisition campaign might be, and the low responsiveness. It is for you to decide whether the cost, which will be higher if all your boxes are ticked, is worth the expected return.

This list of online methods of acquiring a house direct email marketing list is obviously not exclusive. You should think of which one to choose to support your campaign rather than work out which ones would give sufficient return on investment. Another aspect to consider is the perception of your campaign in the eyes of your potential recruits. A cold approach might well cause resentment rather than enthusiasm.



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