Email Campaign Management

Offers are no immunity in email marketing

What could be easier? All you have to do is provide a product of decent enough quality and provide it at the lowest price and you are away. It is a wonder that everyone is not giving it a go.

It is not, of course, that simple. The main point is that everyone else is out there paring prices and if you undercut them you end up subsidising the customer. Not a good business method. If you keep your product and prices level with your competitors then there is little or no reason for your subscribers to remain on your email list.

What you need is an edge. The good news is that you have the means available.

Others have managed despite greater obstacles. Look at the National Blood Service. It needs to find lots of people willing to give up 40 minutes of their lives, to be asked detailed and highly personal questions, have a great big needle stuck in their arm and to give over 400 millilitres of blood that nature decided they needed. And for no charge.

They manage this by appealing to their customers’ altruism. A donor leaves the session with less blood than when they arrived, but they all have a warm feeling inside.

If you could generate that warm feeling without sticking needles into your subscribers then you will have cracked email marketing. All you need is the idea.

Your email marketing software will provide you with enough information to get inside your subscribers’ heads. Ask yourself what makes them tick. Others were successful with the green card. Buy something that does not pollute as much and everyone is happy.

Despite the excellent work the NBS does it appeals to people by making them feel good about themselves. They have done something which could well save a life. How cool is that?

Ploys such as free trade coffee and furniture from Africa built from sustainable wood by locals are broadcast to make people feel reassured about their purchases. It is that little bit of extra bait that tempts. Not only that, the person who is selling probably gets a kick out of it as well. No one is immune from feeling good about themselves.



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