Email Campaign Management

Planning a new marketing campaign

The ultimate purpose of any email marketing campaign is to increase your profits. This simple statement belies the multitude of techniques available to us. It is a bit like chess: the aim is to call a checkmate. The only problem for players is that there is somebody against them and there is a multitude of routes to the finish.

For instance, a campaigns main purpose might be to increase the number of subscribers to your email lists. This will eventually lead to greater profits. However, you might think that a simple increase in numbers is not enough. You might prefer to aim for a particular demographic where spend is likely to be higher for each individual subscriber or for the kind of customer who stays with you for some time, that Blue Riband of email marketing.

It can be seen that you will have to use different tactics depending on which way you want your email lists to enlarge.

The same sort of considerations come into play if you wish to convert offline sales into online. You will have to consider whether cost cutting is your main purpose or whether your intention is to allow a more forceful method in your marketing.

Even what appears to be an obvious route – that of getting a higher spend from each individual customer – requires a decision to be made as to method. You might think of additional products, maybe those that return a greater profit, or simply going for a higher frequency of purchasing.

There are lots of other targets you may consider, everything from increasing brand awareness to selling more items across the board. The important thing is not to limit yourself to one option because it appears easier. Your competition is out there sitting across the table and watching your every move.

There are many different purposes for mounting an email marketing campaign, from increasing the size of your email lists to getting your logo known. You should not concentrate on one to the exclusion of any others. Chess, at least on the surface, is very gentlemanly. In marketing on the other hand the gloves are off. Make sure you are not fighting with one hand behind your back.



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