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Secure Your Email Lists From Cyber Criminals

Michigan State University recently published research into the methods that cyber criminals use to break into a company’s data. The types of attack include spyware, ransomware, and denial of service. If your email marketing lists are compromised, it will cost you more than just reputation.

The most popular form of defence is based on software. If there’s a problem, someone well versed in technical matters will have a solution. The continuing increase in sophistication of computer-based systems means that the most significant risk is human error.  

There is some fascinating research on the subject of risk factors, including personality traits, see It should be noted that most people are a mix of these traits and a stressful situation, such as a house move, can make the most dependable person more impulsive. 

Secure Your Email Lists From Cyber CriminalsYou exploit impulsiveness in the design of your marketing emails because it works. Who hasn’t suggested a ‘limited time offer’, or ‘for today only’? Unfortunately, it works both on your staff and you as well. You will be wondering what you can do to secure your email marketing lists. It’s not a problem for technology; you need to manage it. 

We’ve said before that strict discipline is not normally the best way of ensuring security in email marketing. We need to go further and instead of responding to a breech, prevent it. Reducing risks is the way forward. 

Bring to the attention of your staff the fact that anyone can make a mistake. They need to monitor themselves. If they feel short tempered, irritated or on a high, they should recognise that they are at risk of dangerous behaviour. Extra care will be required. 

Most people are helpful and cyber criminals exploit this. They will send an email that looks as if it should be there and it will seem the most natural thing in the world to click through. 

Human error can be reduced if you treat your staff as human. Point out the dangers and how to recognise them. While technology can lower risks and mitigate negative outcomes, a positive work culture can reduce the dangers of human error to a massive degree.



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