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Seven landing page essentials

With the current heavy emphasis on subject lines and the design of the email proper, landing pages have become the Cinderella of the email marketing world. As long as subscribers click through it seems as if everyone is happy. Yet the conversion rate is probably the most important statistic you receive.

Einstein the WizEmail AnalysisBotJust to clarify, the conversion rate is the number of customers who go on to complete the transaction as a percentage of those who click through. Put simply, it is a measure of the effectiveness of your landing page.

The subscriber has already shown that they are interested in whatever your offer is so a high conversion rate is to be expected. The statistics should not blind you to the fact that if someone is interested enough in your offer to click through but fails to complete, it is a failure.

As ever in email marketing there is no universal panacea for the perfect landing page. Here are what are essentially pointers rather than directions.

  1. Design for your email marketing list
    We will cover the important subject of multiple landing pages in a future article but for this one we will just say that the design should be one that relates to and motivates your target audience.

  2. Make your offer clear
    Early on in the landing page, if not at once, display what the offer is. Do it boldly and with your pride apparent. If you do not make it obvious that this is a bargain then subscribers might wonder why they should bother. Emphasise the positives.

  3. Do not take no for an answer
    Work out why someone might not be overcome by your generous offer. Is it too early for winter clothing? Tell them about bulk buying savings. Is it a little too late? In that case explain clearance bargains. Why should you pay for yet another seminar? Disclose your keynote speaker. Don’t let excuses have their way.

  4. Direct your customer
    Avoid distractions and include only copy and images that push towards completion. This includes the graphic design as well. There should be no jarring of appearance between the email and the landing page. The transaction must flow smoothly. Your logo should reassure and the headline enthuse but neither should take their attention.
    Choose your words carefully. There is evidence to suggest that the phrase ‘book your holiday now’ is likely to generate more traffic than ‘buy now’.

  5. Conform
    To an extent, do what is expected and avoid making your subscribers think. Check through the landing pages of the large multinational companies that depend on online marketing and follow their example. It is probable that your customers have used these pages in the past and are familiar with them. We don’t want potential purchasers hunting for information on where to go.

  6. Sophisticated simplicity
    Your email marketing software will have been created by experts. Stick to their design, especially in the early days.

  7. Test

It is probable that one, some, or all of these guidelines are not optimum for your business. Test and test again to find out what suits you. And remember: this too will change.




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