Email Analysis

The prime suspect is email marketing

Television detectives have a fascination for most of us. From the fantasy of Sherlock Holmes to the police procedural of the Prime Suspect series they excite us with their clever deductions from limited information. There seems little connection to the hum-drum world of email marketing software.

DNA revolutionised police systems, the ability to be definitive from very limited, at least in size, evidence is remarkable. Sherlock Holmes could tell from a little bit of hair on a trouser leg that the chap has a dog. Forensic scientists can tell who its sire and dam are.

Our DNA revolution is email marketing software. We can set out to discover the response of customers to certain stimuli. Want to know what is the most susceptible age range for the greeting ‘Hi there’? How about the time to get the best open rate on your emails? No longer is inspired guesswork a requirement. You will know what will increase your return on investment. We do not have to struggle to find that little bit of evidence. Our systems make it easy.

Detection is basically the collection of information, its assessment and then coming to conclusions based on it. We will ignore the preparation of the paper file, as indeed most detectives, and most TV detective series, do as well. This has distinct parallels in email marketing.

Email marketing software gives you a way of obtaining reliable information for your database. You can gain the information, evidence if you will, by asking questions of the subscribers to your email marketing lists, either directly or by deduction. Assessment, a difficult procedure in policing, is much more straightforward. All you have to do is divide you email list under a criterion of your choice.

The conclusion, coming to a decision, is the only bit that remains but for email marketing it is all rather simple. Try one style of email on one group and another on a separate group. The returns will show which is better. The more you divide your lists the more information your get. No guesses, no fingers crossed, no trial: your decision is based solidly on fact.



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