Email Campaign Management

Use your imagination

You will have agonised over your offer price and then considered the best way of wording your presentation. When it comes to picking what images to insert in your email marketing template you will probably opt for something out of your stock images pile.

There is little to criticise in this. The professionally produced images, whilst not cheap, should be considered alongside the cost of Photoshop software, camera hardware and trips to various locations.

The only thing, of course, is that your competitors will be using stock images as well. A level playing field is not what we want. We need to look at how to gain an advantage without having to pay for the privilege and still be able to complete an email marketing template quickly and cheaply.

Give a thought to a photographic competition. Your product need have no connection with photography in any way. All you want is relevant pictures. It does not only go for cruises and holidays in pretty places. If you produce conservatory furniture, then you could ask for photographs of it being used by family and friends. The choice is endless.

Let us assume your product is something as prosaic as a winch, one that can be fixed to a car. You could offer a prize for the most startling picture of the device being used in extremis. Visions of snow-covered landscapes and mud covered vehicles spring to mind.

The prize could be something like an accessory, expensive enough to encourage people to compete but cheap enough to make it worth your while. You could make it a one-off, every now and again, monthly or whatever suits your product.

The advantages are that you obtain a whole stock of images, you get your accessory advertised to those who are considering your winch, and if you include a subscriber tick box you will probably get a considerable number of email addresses as well.

Whilst the efforts of sorting through a vast number of photographs should not be underestimated it is a very cheap way of populating your email marketing templates. Not only that, you get one over your competitors.



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