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Using testimonial videos in email marketing

We all search through reviews when subscribing to an email marketing list or considering buying a product from a new supplier. After all, there are some real crooks out there. 

One of the most compelling forms of review is a testimonial where the person allows their name to be used. How much better is a video testimonial, where we can see the person? The answer is, ‘A lot better’. 

Given the number of very poor creations out there, it might seem that it is difficult to produce a video that is convincing. However, it is easy enough as long as you take the time to plan. There are a few rules that should only be broken for good reasons.

1/ Don’t be too clever

Keep it simple. This is not a menu for mediocrity. If you try for Hollywood style and miss, it is the failure that will be remembered.

2/ Set targets

You will know who you are trying to convince and what you want to convince them of. If the subject of your latest email marketing campaign is a particular hotel, then ensure the testimonial mentions it and its special attraction.

3/ Run to a plan, not a script

You want the person to introduce themselves, name their company, the person’s position in it, and their experience. Don’t put words in their mouths. Unless they are good actors, it will sound false. 

Using Testimonial Videos In Email Marketing4/ Encourage them to be personal

They need to say ‘I’ a lot. Get them to voice their concerns. If they have been a subscriber to your email marketing list then to mention that. Were they reluctant to commit to the purchase? If so, ask them to admit it and to say what overcame their reluctance.

5/ Problems that were solved

Your customers will want to know how the product solved this person’s problems. Did it save them money, time, aggravation or whatever? Did it have unforeseen benefits?

6/ Set up the shoot with care

Shooting indoors makes it easier to control sound, background, interruptions and especially lighting. Its downside is that it can look exactly what it is; set up. This can be lessened by using the subject’s office or accommodation. They will feel at home, and it will show. Shooting outdoors reduces control considerably but can be useful in to emphasise a particular point.

7/ What to show

Have a medium shot with the camera level with their eyes. However, have them look at the interviewer and not the camera.

8/ What to leave out

No one’s interested in the interviewer so cut them out of shot and edit them off the soundtrack. 

9/ Reassure

Say well done, that was good. Encourage them. Before the shooting starts tell them that there will be multiple takes so they should not think they are messing it up. 

10/ Use it where it’s at its most effective

If it’s a good testimonial, then use it first in an email marketing campaign; put it on your website later. Ensure you have their written permission to do so.

Video testimonials are a cheap and effective way of supporting an email marketing campaign.



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