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Paper subscription forms for email marketing

Whilst digital technology scores over a biro most times, there are certain occasions when paper forms can provide a better service. Do not ignore the old-fashioned ways for obtaining subscribers to your email marketing lists

One of the positives of online subscription forms, accessed by someone browsing your webpage or via a link to a landing page, is that it goes quietly about its business with little input from you.

Why Bother With Paper Subscription Forms For Email MarketingHowever, printed forms can do almost the same. All you have to do is display the forms in locations where they are easily seen by those whom you are targeting. 

The classic places are front desks, counters and reception areas. Many people who are waiting to see someone tend not to take out a book to read as this appears as if they expected to be ignored. They will look for provided magazines or, if they can’t find any, grab one of your forms. 

Incentives, such as a promotional pen, can prove persuasive, and many of those who had not considered signing up to an email marketing list before might be tempted to. 

Paper forms can also be useful in places where there can be input from your staff, such as trade fairs and counters. It can be economical to provide an incentive for your servicing mechanics and such to gain signatories. 

Design the forms both for specific locations and those who are likely to be there. Those at counters might be in a hurry and to ask for more details than email address, name and position might put people off. At a trade fair, you could encourage your staff to complete the form and judge what additional questions to ask.

Remember that the GDPR still applies and the completed documents must be treated as securely as all other personal data. Have a sealed box for depositing the forms, which should be emptied regularly.

The provable records required by the GDPR more or less make a follow up email, with a tick box to confirm their permissions, as essential. Explain clearly what they’ve signed up for. 

Paper subscription forms can be extremely effective in gaining subscribers to your email marketing lists.



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