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Will Your Decision Making Change Post Covid?

Consumers are displaying higher confidence levels than anticipated, probably because of a feeling we are entering the final stages of post-Covid in this country. Whether the confidence is misplaced is open to argument. What is clear is that we should be taking advantage of the situation.

We will have to make decisions based on little in the way of evidence, something of an anathema to anyone in email marketing, with our masses of data describing our customers. There are those who suggest a radical approach, one that goes against much of what we believe. What you have to ask yourself is, do you feel brave. 

There is a great deal of evidence to show that sometimes, perhaps even often, gut-reaction can give results that are often as dependable as those of slavishly following limited data. There, I’ve said it. 

At the moment, we have loads of data gained by split testing and it will have proved itself many times over. But that was then. In a post-Covid, and don’t forget post-Brexit, world, we might well find Will Your Decision Making Change Post Covidourselves in the position of being unable to predict the best option due to lack of data specific to that particular occasion. Our testing might well have been completed when the market was buoyant.  

The individual situations of B2C and B2B subscribers will probably have changed to a greater or lesser extent, and in a number of ways. We’ve recently mentioned that, with working from home becoming unremarkable, timing of emails needs to be tested. There are many other aspects that should be considered.

With B2C, your subscribers’ concerns could have altered radically and how stylish a product is might well have become of less importance than the need for economy. When we come to B2B, the variations are probably even greater given the changes forced on businesses with regards to lockdown, and the problems associated with opening up. The post of one of your B2B subscribers might no longer exist. They might well have taken over other responsibilities, and ambition might have been replaced by need for survival.

You might believe that, with the lack of dependable data, you are reduced to guesswork, but this is far from the truth. You will be presented with different options and the data will not be able to predict which is the best one to choose. In such situations, the evidenced advice is to go with your gut-instinct. 

This is not guesswork. You have gained experience along with data and it is probable that you are no longer surprised by the results of split testing email marketing lists. The more experienced you are the more dependable your instinct is. Believe in gut-reaction as panic often destroys all hope of a decent decision.

Go through the options individually, checking for one that appeals the most. Do not look for reasons if there is no data-driven support; scary though this seems, there is ample evidence to say that this is probably the best option. You can depend on your gut-reaction.



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