Email Campaign Management

You can design a marketing email

Email marketing templates are a superb resource. They generally offer a vast range of designs that can be modified to suit your specific needs and at the same time look original. What might worry you is that you know nothing about graphic design. Here you are with all that opportunity and no idea what to do.

The first thing is not to panic. Graphic design is a very difficult craft and those who are good at it are paid generously but not enough. However, you are not after a prize-winning marketing email. You just want to sell and that is quite within the abilities of most people.

Look around you, in magazines, posters, online and, most easily, on other companies’ marketing emails for inspiration. Go for those you like or, better still, those which your colleagues like. Don’t just study the ones from your main competitors. You want to be different, to stand out.

Copyright is a barrier but it is not insuperable. A photocopy is bad, something merely similar is good. In fact, just what you want.

Trends are important, not because they are particularly good, but because people like them. See what is gaining a bit of attention, perhaps on social media, and use that as a base. 

WizEmail's Doodles is the perfect loony for you when designing a email marketing campaignWatch the clock. Designing emails is fun, as most creative procedures are. So it is tempting to try something else, just for a few minutes, and then modify this to see what it looks like. Give yourself a specific period of time. Once it is over, go for what you have.

Photoshop is a brilliant bit of software. It is seen as class of the field and for good reason. It has lots of little secret systems, tweaks and foibles. However, it takes years to become adequate at it. Use something simpler, which you can conquer in short time. It will probably be considerably cheaper as well.

Above all, try something different to your normal designs. The worst email marketing campaign is the one identical to the one before.

Graphic design is a skill, so the more you do it, the better you get at it. Before long you’ll open an email marketing template and perfect it in minutes.



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