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10 aspects of the perfect email marketer

There will never be the perfect email, one suitable for everyone on your email marketing list, the reason being it is impossible to define. Your job is to get as near to it as possible, within budget.

Can we define the perfect person to run an email marketing campaign? Now there’s a thought. Imagine you are recruiting for your post – after your promotion – what would you look for in the perfect replacement?

1/ They treat their subscribers as individuals

They won’t know them by name, of course, but they will by type. They will have a series of classifications that describe them and each will be special.

2/ They understand what each group wants from a marketing email

In other words, they know what design, sending time, text, images, etc suit the individual groups.

3/ They are willing to accept proof

Email marketing software is the edge that we have over the other forms of marketing. The returns should be accepted, even if it means a lot of effort to change things, or, more difficult to cope with, it contradicts what they believe.

4/ They have a command of English

The main form of communication is via words. Your replacement needs to be able to convince with a phrase, explain in just a few words, define unambiguously and engage with humour. And continue to cut the superfluous, just like you do.

5/ They are single minded

This is not to suggest they are task oriented but instead will design a marketing email with one purpose in mind, to sell. To that end they should discard images which, pretty though they are, serve no particular purpose. They must be prepared to reject their favourites if they do not support the object of the email. 

WizEmail's Doodles will help your email marketing campaign marketer get the best tips for designing it 6/ They accept the law is king

A process that does not comply with the law is a ticking time bomb (and they should use clichés with restraint), one that could destroy your business. Permission-based marketing goes further than just the sign-up.

7/ They are willing to try something different

A massive strength of email marketing is the ability to segment marketing lists in order to experiment. Someone who is happy with how things are, who is reluctant to give up the old ways, who has untouchable favourites is someone who will limit the returns.

8/ They know they don’t know it all

The results of the never ending (hopefully) research into email marketing is easily accessible but only to those who look for it and are willing to accept the data. They should be wary of the conclusions. Sometimes the statistics make uncomfortable reading but that means others will avoid following them.

9/ They are willing to be led by their audience

We provide what the subscribers want, not what suits us. The difference in reality is subtle but fundamental. We send emails when convenient to subscribers, not when we have a moment to spare.

10/ They are relationship focused

Your job is all about knowing your subscribers, being concerned about their needs, ensuring that they realise their importance to you, and both listening to and addressing their feedback.

Who’d apply for that post? Too much aggravation by far.



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