Email Campaign Management

8 Essential Considerations for the Perfect Email

Firstly, I'm not suggesting that there is such a thing as a universal email wizard that is perfect for all circumstances as your email marketing software will show that different people react differently. However, there are some universal considerations. If you take each one into account then you can create a marketing email that is perfect for some of your subscribers.

Here is a step by step guide to what you should be considering. In future articles we will be covering each in detail.

Not Being Classed as Spam: There are some simple steps to ensuring that your marketing email gets through to the subscriber's inbox. What is surprising is how many legitimate emails are eliminated by spam filters.

From Line: The subscribers to your email marketing list are on there because they have asked to be, so the From line informs them that it is from a friendly face.

Subject Line: You have a few words to convince the recipient that they should open the email. You cannot afford to waste one, not even a character. A recipient will take two or three seconds in deciding whether to delete it. So the Subject line needs to be good.

Banner: The fact that an email is opened seems to be a signal that the sender can relax. In fact, we are now faced with a multitude of variables. The banner needs to excite their interest.

Picture Choice: A picture is there to encourage a recipient to click through to the landing page. It has no other function. Looking pretty is only useful if also performs its fundamental role.

Text: The words are there for the same purpose as the pictures. Self indulgence harms your business. Keep it tight and pointed.

Layout & Appearance: Whilst email marketing templates will allow you to produce effective emails, you need to go that one step further to gain an advantage.

Time Sent: This is critical but one of the most underrated of considerations. Precision is essential. Send an email at the wrong time and you will lose a sale. It is as simple as that.




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