Email Analysis

Check your email and landing page design

On advanced motorcycling courses riders are taught to have a final look, over their shoulder or along a road, before performing a manoeuvre. This is called, without any over-dramatisation, the life-saver. A final check of a marketing email or landing page is somewhat similar.

Go through it systematically. It is all too easy to become enthusiastic about one aspect and ignore an error that is subtle. Here’s my list:
1/ View it as a subscriber to the particular email marketing list

It is no good creating the perfect landing page for someone not in your target audience. It is essential to keep at the front of your mind at all times whom you are appealing to.

2/ Subject line and heading

It is best to keep these two items together as they should relate to one another. The Subject Line will have been cut to the bone so the heading will expand on it. Ask yourself if both will grab the attention of your target. Will they interest and excite them?

Analysis Bot | WizEmail 3/ Hook

You will have based your email marketing campaign around a product that will appeal to your target. Have you emphasised that it provides a solution to a problem they are experiencing? If they just want to impress then is it cool enough? Whatever you are selling, ensure the reason for them to buy is obvious and clear.

4/ Precision

Check that there are no superfluous distractions. Have your customers got to make too many choices? One of the hooks might be the choice of colour. Is it easy for them to find the one they want? 

5/ Continuity

Is there a disconnect when the subscriber clicks through to the landing page? Will they have to look around for what they want? Are both your marketing email and landing page responsive in the same way? Check on mobile, pad and desktop. 

6/ Images

Much will depend on what you want from your images. Are they there to show how pretty a location is or is it there to convey a specific message? Are they the right size? Do they perform their function? Test them on all devices.  

7/ Read it out loud

Start at the top and read all the words in a loud voice. Does it run smoothly? If you find it a bit clunky, or there’s too much repetition, then imagine how a reader new to it will feel.

8/ Stand back

Hold your mobile at arm’s length or get up from your desktop. An overview of the email or the page can show up any imbalance. It’s a difficult thing to describe but more obvious from a distance. 

9/ Second opinion

Ask someone else what they think of what you’ve done. Thank them even if they are critical. Another point of view can pick out what should have been obvious.  

10/ Stop fiddling with it

Once they pass the tests above, then publish them. It is all too easy to think you might have missed something, and one more read through, a few changes, will make it perfect. 



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