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Don’t Try To Predict Email Marketing Trends

I always do it, despite knowing there is no benefit. I learn nothing, it doesn’t improve my email marketing performance, and it does nothing for my mood, yet every year I go over any predictions I made the previous January. I do manage to drag something from it.

2021 consisted of a series of incidents no one predicted, and, I feel, were so surreal that nobody could. What on earth induced the government to criticise the English football team? It must have been the whole PR department’s day off.

I’m not a betting man, but I would have put a lot of money on there never being groups of people demonstrating against the RNLI crews as they brought people they’ve saved ashore. The social media diatribes were something of a shock to the system. Who are these people?

Don't Try To Predict Email Marketing TrendsIf that could happen to the RNLI, what chance is there for any of us to be able to predict? Did anyone see that one coming?

A common phrase in eulogies is that the person was ‘before their time’, said or, more likely nowadays, written in a tone of voice that makes it seem like high praise. Practically though, it should be almost a lament. Various sports people, artists and other luminaries are often said to be before their time, and it especially applies to those who died in penury. It’s no good being right if it confers no benefit.

If you want to be in the vanguard of the next big thing for email marketing, then by all means give it a go. It’s not as if many others, probably including some of your competitors, have not gone that way before you. You’ll probably pass their failures on the way. If you yearn for the viral video, or multiple thousands of shares, be wary of how much you invest as the chances of success are very low. The depressing thing is it’s the norm that such success seems to catch out the originator as frequently as their competitors.

Another way to waste valuable minutes, is to read the predictions of commentators on what 2022 will bring for those in email marketing. Given last year’s selection, it’s a difficult process. But if we can’t predict, how are we to know which way to go?

The only evidenced answer is to follow the basics: test and test again, go for quality of subscribers to your email marketing lists, listen to the returns, and respond to them. It’s not very glamorous, it’s quite repetitious, and at times it can be hard work, yet if done correctly the ROI will make it worthwhile. It’s a much better investment than depending on the predictions of others.

It’s not the voice of despair telling you this; in fact it’s the precise opposite. The way to successful email marketing is clear. It has been demonstrated by many companies over recent years. The pandemic of the past two years has shown just how dependable the basics of email marketing are.

A Happy New Year to you all. Keep testing.



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