Email Analysis

Measuring reactions

Email marketing software gives an insight into the unconscious minds of you subscribers, something that occupies MRI scanners for some hours according to a recent television programme. It would appear – according to Horizon – that most people do not react logically. They just react.

There is a lot of evidence, although not sourced via medical machines but by the more dependable email marketing software returns, that the offer price is the main consideration when buying online. Ignore this at your peril. However, competitive pricing alone is not enough. You need to support it, to give yourself an edge, and have something which grabs readers and their wallets.

Much research has to be completed before anyone can say what triggers the unconscious mind but that is of no concern to us. All we need to do is work out what works best for us. The method is quite simple.

If you have any sense you take a bit of time and trouble to source and then choose the images that you include in your marketing emails. You use logic and taste to come to your decisions. If you are selling wine then a panorama of vineyards, the sun setting and casting intriguing shadows, would seem to be a safe bet. Who could fail to be influenced by such emotive images?

Remember that your marketing email is not an advertisement. Although many of the processes are similar, your need is to encourage your subscriber to click through. If logic is of little help then you might think it is little more than luck when it comes to design.

Think again. Luck is unevidenced whereas we have email marketing software.

Try different images in every campaign. Vary them with age groups. To remain with wine, your customers might want a particular vintage to add to the ambience of a special dinner at home. So why not try a dinner party with obvious ambience. They will hardly glance at such a picture but, it would appear, a glance, even half of one, is enough to trigger an unconscious response.

Email marketing software will show you if you chose well. Leave MRI scanners to those who want to make TV programmes.



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