Email Campaign Management

Should You Give Away Valuable Items?

You have worked hard for everything you’ve got, so why should you give away something just to gain subscribers to your email marketing list? The answer is that it is probably the cheapest way of getting them.

Work out how much it costs to gain subscribers in other ways. There’s the cost of a stand at a trade fair, and don’t forget the costs of travel and personnel. Oh, and hotels, food and – well, you see the Should You Give Away Valuable Items?point. It’s extra costs all the time.

Ignore the free bit of free gifts when trying for a lead magnet. There is a charge that they pay when subscribing to your email marketing lists. Entrusting you with their email address might not seem much to them, but to you it is a way to increase your RoI.

However, and it is a big consideration, you must give them something that they will value. Everyone has worries. For instance, ‘Your Brexit Concerns Solved’. We’d all go for that. 

Be specific to your products. If you sell holidays, how about a checklist that varies depending on where they are going. Such a checklist is a chance for you to display your professionalism. If you are B2B or after seasoned travellers, then demonstrate lots of the intricacies. Similarly, for newcomers, explain it simply. You can have regular updates to keep them coming back for more.

Whatever you choose, ensure it publicises your company and its products. If the lead magnet is an explanation of healthy exercise for the middle-aged then images of people demonstrating them in your sparsely populated gym, with your banner prominent, will keep your name in their minds. 

Your content should be sufficient to justify the title, but brief enough to make them want more. Include hotlinks to your website, where there will be calls to action to sign up for your email marketing list. Mention your enewsletter, so easy to sign up for, has regular updates.

Subscribers cost; it’s a fact of email marketing. A gift is just another way of paying that cost, and if used with care, it can be one of the cheapest methods.  



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