Email Campaign Management

The Next Step For Your Email Campaign

We’ve recently discussed the first three matters that need to be settled when you are planning an email marketing campaign: what the purpose is, who would be interested and the specifics of that group of subscribers. These are the basics. Everything you do now should be built on this foundation.

While those on your segmented email marketing list have something in common, it is just that they are likely to be interested in the product or purpose of the campaign, but this alone is not sufficient to target it precisely. Most of the following decisions will be based on the differences between the subscribers on that list. Ensuring you get the detail correct is the difference between an adequate and successful result.

4/ Design of the email

Things are looking up; now’s the time to be creative. Check through the free email marketing templates, picking one that will attract the broad demographic of the split list you are targeting. Do not just opt for one that you like as your preferences are of no account. You should accept that no individual template will be exactly what all your subscribers will need and that whatever you choose will require fettling in order to target your subscribers precisely. Not only that, if your lists are large enough, you might well have to significantly modify the design for all sub-lists.

The Next Step For Your Email Campaign In other words, it’s probable that one design of email will be unlikely to be targeted enough for a large campaign. It will probably require just minor mods, but if you want to be a step ahead of your competitors, you need to put the work in. Don’t spend too long. Enjoyable though it is, you need to move on.

5/ Content

Create the headings, pick the images and write the copy, all of which must be aimed at the exact demographic of the split email marketing lists. They are all as important as one another, but remember the heading is what subscribers first see. If it doesn’t excite them, not only will it put them in a poor frame of mind but might well cause them to delete the email. I’d spend time on that part.

6/ Details

Pick the location of your calls to action with care, and be prepared to move the copy and images as CTA placement is vital for success. Ensure there is sufficient personalisation, although don’t go overboard. Being too friendly or too chatty can be a bit spooky, and likely to scare your subscribers. Include the required opt out from your lists and ensure, despite temptations to the contrary, it’s not in a font size unreadable on a mobile.

7/ Sending

It is probable that you will need to send the email at different times depending on the preferences of your subscribers.

8/ Final checks

Always, but always, check to ensure that there are no errors in the marketing email. We will go through a simple system for checking an email prior to sending in a future article, as it is too important merely to be a sub-heading.



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