Email and the Law

Be A Source Of Information On Coronavirus

Everyone will be concerned about the effects of Coronavirus on their businesses. There are all sorts of untested changes that they’ll be putting in place and many will be confused as to the effectiveness and legality of them. You could help them.

They are looking for the most up to date, and dependable information available at the time. If you can supply referenced information on subjects within your expertise, that are important to your customers, Be A Source Of Information On Coronavirus they will return time and again. Your email marketing list will allow you to target your information. Do it right, and your subscribers will probably tell others. 

For instance, it is probable that some of your data protection practices will be difficult to maintain with home working and staff being ill. Write a blog covering this point, and show that the ICO has stated, in clear language, that they are aware of the need for companies to prioritise or adapt normal working practices during the crisis. The ICO were at pains to say they cannot extend statutory timescales. However, they will accept that businesses may ‘experience understandable delays when making information requests’.

Many might be concerned as to whether they can ask colleagues if they are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19. Or how an employee might react to just such a request. The ICO states that it is reasonable on the part of an employer to do so. 

The ICO is not the only dependable source of information on Coronavirus. There’s the NHS of course. Their website is easy to navigate, and their search facility is excellent. However, it all takes time, and companies struggling to come to terms with new demands might want a landing page where information specific to their needs is laid out in an easily accessible format.

There will be a significant amount of work, albeit short-term one hopes. You will need to ensure that everything is referenced, with a clickthrough to your source. Don’t endorse any particular information and don’t recommend a course of action. You know the needs of subscribers to your email marketing list. Save them time.



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