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Christmas Gifts

I bought all my Christmas presents by the middle of November. I am sad that way. I have a system, a sort of headings method, where the range of possible gifts are whittled down and I end up with limited choices. This might seem to lack any emotional content but recipients do seem pleased with the gifts and I rarely get asked for receipts. My system also works when choosing gifts for a campaign to increase subscribers to an email marketing list.

1. Pick a price range
It seems silly just to look at shelves. I take into account the value of the friendship and then the total amount of money I have to buy all the presents. I also work out who will see the presents and consider whether they will be put out in comparison to theirs.
Remember that your email marketing customers might see the offer of a gift for new subscribers. If you have just used the item in an email marketing campaign, you might well upset them.

2. Go on giving
If the present is, for instance, a subscription where they receive an item, like an email course, every month, the joy of giving and receiving continues. The ‘From’ line will become familiar and they might well open all your emails.

3. What they want
Ensure the gift is something that is as specific to them and their interests as possible. You will want them to keep it. If, in email marketing, the gift is general then you might well end up with subscribers who, once they’ve got the gift, tick the exit box.

4. Something to talk about
A gift that generates contact between you and the recipient over a period of time reinforces the bond between you. If the subscriber has to ask a question, or log onto the website on occasion, all the better.

5. Do you still want them as friends
When you come to buy Christmas presents, do you ask yourself what you got back from them? If your email marketing campaign did not generate enough addresses, then perhaps a cheaper gift next time would be appropriate.
Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year




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