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Constraints on images

With the majority of emails being opened first on mobile devices your first reaction might be not to bother with images in an email marketing campaign. If they are not going to be looked at, there’s no point in them being there. We all know, though, that images sell. Is it worth the effort to search for just the right one?

WizEmail's Design Bot will ensure you are targeting the right subscribers with your email marketing campaignThe answer is most certainly ‘Yes’ but with a caveat. We’ve enjoyed a long period where images are displayed on large screens and detail has been important but now that they’ll probably be shown on a 600px wide screen we need to respond.

Targeting is not important; it is essential. Some of your subscribers will open a marketing email on a large screen, especially B2B. For those you are lucky; you will have masses of data to show what is best for each. You should choose your images with their viewing habits in mind. 

For the others, you need to exercise a bit of discretion. 

The copy will have been cut to the bone as your subscribers will tend to scan on their mobiles. But what if you have a lot of information to give? Click throughs are great but we still need to generate the desire to know more. 

An image can convey information, data, emotion, urgency or need to know more. Use these motivators to encourage the subscriber to click through. So work out what would generate the specific urge with that specific segmented email marketing list. 

The next problem is where to get your image. Firstly, be aware of the legal constraints of copyright and don’t pull image off the net. If there is one you like, ask if you can use it, with the offer of an endorsement. Mention how many subscribers you have on your email marketing lists.

Know what you want. Imagine it, sketch it and then, perhaps, look for it on a stock photo website. Most are cheap enough. Or, given there’s no need for high resolution images, take it yourself with your phone, or ask your staff to.

Hone your images for mobile devices as you do your copy.




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