Email Campaign Management

Emotional Response From Landing Page Image

The suggestion is that our brain processes images many times, many thousands of times, faster than copy. So let’s concentrate on landing page images.

Your marketing email has made your subscriber aware that you have a solution to a problem they may or may not have been aware that they had. They’ve clicked through to the landing page and are confronted by an image, as this is the first thing that will catch their eye. It has a number of functions.ChNGE ME

The subscriber has already shown an interest in your product, showing that you designed the marketing email with some skill. Now is not a good time to throw away all that good work. You have to convince the subscriber your product is just the one they need and your choice of image will be the key to the success of your whole campaign.

Images on marketing emails are only glanced at, if you picked well, so we need something different, something that will overwhelm them, and a way to do that is to trigger an emotional response. This doesn’t necessarily mean a picture of a fluffy bunny. We need to go deeper than that.

One of the best emotions for us to generate is relief. You may well have shocked them by pointing out that they are not prepared for the changes Brexit will bring. If your product provides a solution, your landing page image of it solving one for someone else will show that it’s just right for them. They’ll replace the model with themselves in their minds. If you split your email marketing list with precision, you know what they need. The price is secondary.

Reassuring your subscribers by telling them how clever they are works wonders. If the image includes someone of their status or interests, and they are shown to be oozing success or superiority, then they too will feel successful and superior. Say it with images rather than words. You can see why the picture used in the marketing email should stay there.

The landing page is the next stage in the process of selling. It needs a special image.



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