Email Campaign Management

Getting up close and personal

I’ve got four children and four grandchildren. I’m not sure which group takes up most of my time overall, although the one with chickenpox has a clear lead at the moment. I enjoy looking after the kids but find it a bit of an effort, which tends to make it more worthwhile.

What’s that got to do with email marketing?

I haven’t given you much personal information but it is probable that you have an image of me and my life in your mind, and hopefully a little sympathy for the poor infected lad. You know it might well be wrong but for the rest of the article everything you read will be modified by the initial assumption of me as the author. It’s not a copywriter you see but a grandfather, worried about shingles.

The same goes for your customers. If you can get them to accept your company has a personal face, they will have an image of you and your business. It is up to you to ensure that it is a positive one. It is more difficult to ignore an email if it is from someone you feel you know, or at the very least a person. 

The best way of building a relationship with someone you don’t know is in the same way you might do so when you meet them for the first time. You would get them to relax, perhaps by smiling at them. Then you’d ask them their name, repeat it so it sticks in your memory, and then introduce yourself. You would ask other questions to make them realise they are important to you and then look for their hobbies and interests. 

Once you have their information, give some of yours. Reassure customers in marketing emails and on the website that they are dealing with people and not just an algorithm. Have named people performing specific functions. 

People rarely look at the ‘meet the team’ pages, so when they do bring up the contact us page, have pictures of those in charge of various units. It is a small thing, but worthwhile. It is difficult to click the unsubscribe button when you imagine Sarah will become upset at losing you.



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