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Good Causes And Email Marketing

I have recently subscribed to an e-newsletter which focuses on a hobby of mine. It is produced by a small company, consisting of just three permanent staff, none of whom have any graphics training, although the copy is gratifyingly grammatically accurate. They know email marketing though.

The company supports a charity, one unknown to me before becoming a subscriber. This, if anything, was an advantage. There can be few people who would not click on the link just to discover what it was all about. I am, predictably, not one of the few.

Good Causes And Email MarketingIt can be of great benefit to any company in email marketing to show that they are socially responsible and concerned about a particular subject or subjects. It need not be one that concerns the world. In fact, there are distinct benefits in being local, which we’ll come to later.

There is one limitation though, one that must be accepted; the charity must be one you care about personally. If you opt for a particular charity for the sole reason it benefits your company, either directly or by association, it is probable that you will be ‘found out’, with all the fallout that goes with it. If you need time to think of a charity, it’s best to try something else. On the other hand, one you believe in, which you feel is worthwhile in its targets, gives personal and business benefits.

There’s a difficult balance to establish. If you push your charity, by putting it above the fold in every email marketing campaign, or e-newsletter, you’re likely to increase unsubscribes. Be subtle, with perhaps their hot-linked logo near the top, and a mention above the footer. Have a dedicated page on your website.

Keeping local can reduce costs considerably, and give positive feedback to you and your staff, convincing them, and you, that you are doing something worthwhile. Showing that you have concerns for those in need, or for making a better environment in your local area, is a positive for email marketing. It’s a win-win; you feel better, your staff are boosted, the charity has help and your ROI increases. What’s not to like?



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