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Jumping off roofs

A professor of Colorado State University suggests, in one of the TedTalk series, that changing behaviour is much easier than changing attitudes. See:

Her conclusions can be useful when planning an email marketing campaign as well as other advertising mediums.

In an attempt to reduce carbon emissions, an advertisement pointed out that houses were responsible for 40% of energy consumption. It was shown that gaps in windows, etc, were a major cause of heat loss. Of those that read the evidence, just 20% followed the advice. Once it was pointed out that the various holes totalled the cross section of a basketball, 60% tried to eliminate the gaps.

It would appear that humans are loss averse and appealing to altruism is not the best way to convince. Or to put it another way, to change to green behaviour, don’t go for saving the planet but saving money. 

Social scientists know that people are not aware of what motivates them. It seems the social norm is the best predictor of behaviour.

WizEmail's Einstein will guide you through the path of email marketing campaign segmentationI watched a fairly good street performer at a festival. Towards the end of his programme, the audience became restless and prepared to leave. The only route was past the collecting box. At a signal a young chap, obviously to plan, stopped by the box and searched through his pockets. He threw a number of coins in, turned to the performer and applauded. Those behind also contributed although their reluctance was obvious. 

There is little doubt that the spectators’ attitudes hadn’t changed, they just felt obliged to follow suit. 

Tell your subscribers that everyone is buying your particular product, that spaces are rapidly filling up and that there are only four items left. The norm is that this will motivate them to follow suit. It will take effort for them to do something different.

When I was a kid I did something silly enough to require a visit to casualty. When asked by the doctor why I had done it, I replied: ‘Alan did it first.’ 

The doctor said: ‘If he had jumped off a roof, would you have done the same?’

The answer, doctor, is that I would be more likely to do so than if he hadn’t.



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