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The best way to use video in email marketing

It will probably come as no surprise to you that video is making great inroads in email marketing. It was the latest thing a couple of years ago and to a certain extent still is. It’s not always a good idea to just jump on a bandwagon, but now it has become established, you might want to know what you are missing.

The results for including video in an email tend to show a significant increase in completions, but it is not the answer to everything. There are times and places where it is likely to be most effective and others where it will be less so. There are a number of points to consider.

The first one might seem rather obvious, although it is often ignored by many: only use video where and when it will be effective. Whilst you will have to test by segmenting your email marketing lists, there are certain times when you might assume a video will something of a hindrance.

The Best Way To Use Video In Email MarketingVideo takes time to view. Whilst all the advice is that it should be as short as possible, it still needs to get the message over. If you expect readers of your email to react quickly to the headline, copy and images, a video will slow their response and that’s not what we want. 

A video must have a specific purpose. Being pretty might be enough for a still image, but a video takes time to take in. Use it to fulfil a purpose, and make this as specific as possible. Want to entice your customers with a holiday in the Alps? Then a panoramic view of the peaks can be facilitated by an image. If you want to entice skiers, then a video of the slopes, with families enjoying falling over, will ensure the customer puts themselves in the film. 

Don’t use videos in an email to explain processes and procedures. Email marketing is all about selling, not explaining via how-to videos. Keep it sharp and relevant to those on that email marketing list. 

Focus on the hook. What is it that makes your vacuum cleaner so much better than all the others? Is it the way the bag is emptied, ensuring none of the detritus returns to the floor? If so, then a few seconds showing how easy and clean the process is will be perfect. It reinforces your message. 

Target your video in other ways as well. If your vacuum cleaner will be a blessing for the young millennials with high pressure roles, then show them. On the other hand, if the cleaner is made deliberately as light as possible to help those with the difficulties of age, then you know the answer. Ensure the video is specific to the chosen email marketing list.

The most frequently asked question is whether to have the video auto-play. I don’t know, and until you test with segmented email marketing lists, nor do you. However, it is received wisdom that most people are irritated by it. As far as the audio is concerned, remember that a B2B marketing email might be opened in an office. 



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