Email Analysis

The ‘From’ Line
  • Do you read the ‘From’ line first when looking at a marketing email? You do? Then welcome to the majority.
  • Do you also often make the decision to delete the email based solely on that one, small item of information? If so, then you are not in a minority.
  • Do you spend very little time deciding on what to put in the ‘From’ line? Then you are in the large group of those in email marketing who treat this aspect casually.

There is very little online or in books on what to consider, so let’s have a look at what is required. The first thing to work out is what would make you want to carry on to the ‘Subject’ line. Or rather, what would make those on your email marketing list do so.

There are any number of things to consider but here are a few of the more obvious:

1. How about the name of the company owner/director/CEO?
If your company is small and a customer is quite likely to know the boss, and possibly have talked with them at a trade fair or on the phone, then use this to show you treat them as people.

2. Would it reassure your customers?
People do not like to be surprised. If you have used one particular name in the ‘From’ line from the time that they subscribed to your email marketing list, then continue to use it. Recipients will recognise it instantly.

3. Would it be best to just tell them who you are?
Your email marketing software will indicate what works best for your customers, but a company name, clear and precise, tells them that this is another email that will be relevant to their needs. If your company has a number of lines, then perhaps include a sub-department, such as Acme software.

4. Do you expect or want them to reply?
Have an email address that identifies your company and also reassures them that it will be answered. If you can, give a name, such as

5. Do not cheat them.
If they subscribe to your e-newsletter then whilst making the ‘From’ line similar, ensure that they know it is a marketing email.
Make your ‘From’ lines work for you.



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