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The vote in the House of Commons

How to reassure your customers after the vote in the House of Commons

A series of votes in the House of Commons, starting on 12th of February, on the subject of Brexit, was politically significant. The odd thing is that, from the point of view of email marketing, it means little. Your customers, however, are likely to be wondering what happens now.

We need to answer that deceptively simple question, letting our customers know that, despite the vote, everything is much the same as it was before. All the data protection laws remain, as is your obligation and intent to comply with them all. A marketing email is not the place to do it.

The Vote In The House Of CommonsAn option is to create a page on your website where you show what the effect is likely to be on your company and your customers. Put a click-through on your marketing emails and e-newsletters. Also consider mentioning it in other correspondence. 

When trying to emphasise that nothing has changed the one thing you must not do is something very different. If customers see a change it may well cause a degree of nervousness. Even if you feel concerned about the vote and what its effect will be, you don’t want this transferred to your customers.

You should appear certain you will be able to cope with any disruption that might come your way. You should give the impression that you have planned for every possible eventuality. If those on your email marketing lists don’t react normally, all your statistics will be of no use.

Consider having a page on your website where your opinion of the implications on the vote is made clear. Justify your conclusions calmly as now is not the time to appear close to panic. Treat their likely concerns seriously without dismissing them out of hand.

You know those on your email marketing lists well enough to be able to pick the right voice.

Beware of criticising any particular faction in the mêlée as your customers are likely to come from all sides. Now is the time to appear comforting. Reassure your customers that the votes, albeit confusing, are not the end of business in general and email marketing in particular. 



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