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What Voice To Use For Worried Subscribers

What to say on your marketing emails and enewsletters is, as always, down to what your data dictates. How to say it might have changed. The Coronovirus pandemic has, it seems, changed just about everything else. However, there are some dos and don’ts.

The first thing to do is not mention Coronovirus, and never, ever use pandemic. It frightens people. It frightens me. Don’t empathise, don’t say ‘Oh, I know’, don’t tell them it might get worse. People don’t read your emails to learn about their problems. They want to know how to solve them.

What Voice To Use For Worried SubscribersDon’t be definitive. If you tell someone to follow a course of action, it is likely that by the time they read it, it will be out of date. Nothing makes you look as if you’re out of touch as being late with advice. Tell them what to look out for. Tell them what you can do to help them. Show that you are intent on helping them rather than merely selling your latest product.

Bear in mind their current needs when considering what to offer as well as the Subject Line. Home delivery might hit the spot for B2C. For B2B, there might well be interest in something that is entitled virtual, and free is always a good ploy. Be honest though; that’s as essential as it has ever been. 

Those of a certain vintage will remember a TV programme with the catch phrase, ‘Don’t panic’. It’s good advice for us. Appear calm, appear in control and show them that you are confident of the outcome. Exude confidence. The best way of reassuring your customers is to let them know subtly that you have got it cracked.

Don’t give them additional work, such as a form to complete. They’ve enough to do. In the same way, don’t send marketing emails for no purpose, or merely to empathise with your subscribers. 

Your problems are probably similar to those of your customers. What marketing emails might you like to receive and, most importantly, open? These are the ones to send. What better way to generate loyalty than to help your subscribers?



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