Tag: Video Content

How Videos Can Increase Engagement

Last year we mentioned video in email marketing was not the coming thing; it has arrived. It’s not for everyone. It might not increase your open rates. However, it seems many are using it and, unless they are not split-testing, it is probable that it works for them. Come on – give it a go. … READ MORE »

The Effective Use Of Video In Email Marketing

We recently covered some reasons for trying video in email marketing, particularly noting its increase in popularity over recent years. If you think it will be useful for you, now is the time to jump. It’s not without its dangers. Many companies new to the use of video, particularly where it is placed on a … READ MORE »

It’s Time To Include Videos In Email Campaigns

It’s been predicted for some years that video would become a feature of email marketing and website content, and you’d no doubt be a little wary of any suggestion that it has eventually arrived. It has arrived, eventually. The current situation gives a clue as to why. The theory is lockdowns and working from home, … READ MORE »


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