Tag: Customer Reviews

Addressing Customer Concerns About Reviews

With a fair bit of flurry, together with coverage in some media outlets, the Which? Report on ‘how Facebook fuels Amazon’s fake reviews’ was published just a wee bit after it might have been useful for the Christmas rush. There are no surprises for anyone in email marketing. It covers the easiest ways a purchaser … READ MORE »

What Is User generated Content

There is a dichotomy in the way the purchasing public views reviews. On the one hand, everyone professes not to believe them while on the other, a certain percentage of bad reviews can make an object unsaleable. How can you convince your subscribers on a marketing email that almost everyone loves your product?  What we … READ MORE »

Generating Positive Reviews

It’s official; you can’t trust online reviews. A recent Which? report condemns them and you can’t get more immutable than them. Rather ironically, people believe the headlines rather than reading through the copy and understanding what the actual conclusions were.  For email marketing generally, reviews of service are infrequent. On the other hand, if your … READ MORE »


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