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Greenwashing and Email Marketing

I would like to invent a word. Who would not? If it has nine letters you might even get a mention in Dictionary Corner, a real bonus for anyone in email marketing. How cool would that be? The bad news is that greenwash, derived from either or both whitewash and hogwash, has been taken. The … READ MORE »

Go for it

There is little doubt that the budget has set the tone for a number of years to come. The only argument seems to be for how many. Whilst it is wrong to suggest that the degree of retrenchment comes as a shock it does give the feeling that belt-tightening is now official. Times are hard … READ MORE »


The humble email newsletter appears to be viewed as the poor relation of direct email marketing. It often lies abandoned in a corner, or rather on the computer of someone who has much more important work to complete. Yet it has the potential, realised by many companies, to be an equal partner to its much … READ MORE »

What is the alternative?

Alt and Title Tags Moore’s Law states that the speed of processors will double every two years or so. It seems odd therefore that when designing in direct email marketing you have to consider systems which cannot, for various reasons, display images when reading emails. It can give the feeling of a retrograde step. If … READ MORE »

Email marketing lists

Keeping customers to ensure a high return on investment Any article on how to enjoy success with email marketing could start with the statement that the most important aspect is targeting. Out of all subjects, customer retention is the one where this is most appropriate. The first essential of any email marketing campaign is to … READ MORE »

Email Campaign Management

After all the work in creating the email campaign you might feel that you are entitled to a bit of rest and recuperation and the local is your well earned destination. But you would be wrong. In any argument with regard to the benefits of email marketing compared to the use of post, once the … READ MORE »

Email Marketing checklist

Check-lists can be extremely useful in suggesting that you are actually getting somewhere without having to put too much effort into it. For instance, if you were running a campaign to obtain email addresses for an email marketing campaign then you could tick the box against Aims just by deciding that you want email addresses. … READ MORE »

Email Campaign planning

Collecting addresses for email marketing It can be frustrating staring at a blank sheet of paper or squinting from the glare of an empty Word document, whilst waiting for inspiration to help you plan your email campaign to obtain email lists for direct email marketing. Rather than continually visiting the coffee machine, a better option … READ MORE »

Viral marketing via email

Whilst this form of marketing is in dire need of a new title, its strength is that it harnesses the power of the internet. For examples of the genre, http://viral.3dge.net is an unending source. Virals require care though. They can have a life of their own and should not be used as the mainstay of … READ MORE »


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