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Email marketing: back to basics

As I write e-mail marketing articles I subscribe to dozens of lists and it can be an effort to read through them. Last year I made notes about which I liked and why. 1. Conform to the law: Customers are becoming more sophisticated and recognise those companies which ignore the requirements of the law. I … READ MORE »

Targeted email marketing tips

Targeted email marketing is seen as the safe way of going about our business but it is not. Safe is a misnomer: it is anything but. If you do not take risks then you are risking your company.  Any Google search using the words high street and closures will bring in hundreds of results. It … READ MORE »

Just what we wanted

Just what we wanted Email marketing is beset with rules and regulations, some of which are precise and easy to understand. We all know when an unsubscribe button must be included and if anyone fails to conform to this requirement they have only themselves to blame. In general most legislation is written in clear English, … READ MORE »

Counter your intuition

Email marketing software gives you massive amounts of data that can turn your company into a class leader. All you need to know is how. The most obvious people to ask are the experts. After all, they know best. An expert is someone who has experience and has worked out the best options. The advice … READ MORE »

After Mega Monday

The size of your email list will no doubt give you comfort over the holiday period. You will probably have increased the number of subscribers after Mega Monday so everything is on the up. The last thing you want to hear is that this is the time to extend your horizons beyond just figures. The … READ MORE »

Reasons to be reasonable

We have mentioned before that if you are running a competition with prizes in your email marketing campaign then you should take extreme care. Quite apart from falling foul of the complex betting, gaming and lotteries legislation, which is all too easy to do, there is the added problem of being fair. The word fair … READ MORE »

Misleading those on your email list is a mistake

A recent complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority has raised a couple of points that have a direct impact on email marketing. The overriding principle is that adverts should not mislead. This is good advice of course: lie to those on your email lists and next time there will be fewer to lie to. The … READ MORE »

Checklist for email copywriting

It is essential in email marketing that you read your email time and again through the creative process. Whilst you might feel a little jaded after the tenth time, remember that for the recipient, yours might be the eleventh of their day. So go through it carefully just before you send it off using a … READ MORE »

DMA report – believe the hype

The DMA Email Marketing Council’s 2010 National Client Email report (The report) starts by suggesting that it “provides fascinating insight into the progress the email marketing sector is making.” Can one believe any self recommendation? The following statement is less than startling. “As the findings of the report testify, the medium continues to evolve through … READ MORE »


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