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The most irritating email marketing ploy

We’ve all heard it and probably all said it: ‘There is nothing worse than . . .’ Invariably it is wrong, as I can testify after rebreaking a toe about a week after I broke it originally. However, from my, regrettably, more experienced position, even I can understand some of the complaints about irritating email … READ MORE »

Just what we wanted

Just what we wanted Email marketing is beset with rules and regulations, some of which are precise and easy to understand. We all know when an unsubscribe button must be included and if anyone fails to conform to this requirement they have only themselves to blame. In general most legislation is written in clear English, … READ MORE »

Email marketing’s biggest risk?

Email marketing is not, perhaps, the funniest of businesses so there is a certain temptation to enjoy other people’s disasters. There is only one thing to do with such temptation: give into it. Twenty years ago Hoover ran their ill-fated air miles promotion. It became notorious yet we have recently had the ‘biggest fresh soup … READ MORE »

Avoid your marketing emails being seen as spam

Like justice, your marketing emails should not only NOT be spam, they should not appear to be spam. If the recipients doubt that your email is legitimate then there is every chance they will tag it as spam giving rise to all sorts of problems. Worse still it might lead to a complaint and so … READ MORE »

The insidious nature of spam

With tight margins and lots of competition it is tempting to consider avenues in email marketing that might provide a quicker return on investment. The elephant in the room is to ignore the need to attract subscribers and enter the murky world of spam. After all others do it so it obviously must be worthwhile. … READ MORE »

The mathematics of email marketing

It is a basic of email marketing that your email list is the most valuable asset you have. Everything you do should go some way to cementing the relationship between you and your subscribers. Upset them and they will go. Trust is an essential. One way of ensuring that customers will click the unsubscribe button … READ MORE »

Email Marketing Research

You must discover what your competitors and others engaged in email marketing are doing. You will be pleased to know that there is no need for expensive and illegal industrial espionage. All you have to do is subscribe to a few email lists. Create a number of email addresses to keep specifically for research purposes. … READ MORE »


It has become fashionable to blame spammers for all difficulties experienced by those engaged in legitimate email marketing and for very good reason. Here comes another. Images are a very effective method of gaining the attention and exciting the anticipation of those reading direct marketing emails. However, spammers have used the evidence of images downloaded … READ MORE »

Email Marketing – Avoiding the Spam Filters

Below are 5 items to avoid when writing the content of your email newsletter. Avoiding these things can help you to avoid the trappings of Spam Filters and reach more of your potential customers. Using Capitals for whole words or lines of text Really large fonts or italics Forms Poor Punctuations or the dreaded repeated punctuation … READ MORE »


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