Email Analysis

How To Find Solutions To Common Problems

With a downturn in in the public’s buying habits, it can be difficult, and if not, then impossible, to instinctively identify specific reasons for low performance in email marketing. After all, low demand might be common across all your competitors. Then again, it might be something specific you could improve. How to work out which? … READ MORE »

Competing With Companies With Big Data

Four or five years ago, before Covid, I read a book called Man v Big Data. It wasn’t clear who won. The thought that went through my mind was ‘If only I had their problems’. SMEs depending on email marketing, and having to compete with big data held by big companies, would appear to be … READ MORE »

Statistics From Research Are A Useful Guide

The wonderful thing about email marketing is that a number of establishments and marketing companies fund and work on research which they are only too pleased to share with others. All we have to do is look for it. I’ve been not only reading specific results, but checking the conclusions with other research. While some … READ MORE »

Email Marketing Conversion Trigger

Many email marketing practitioners, both new and with experience, ask what are the best methods to generates conversions. Specifically, they ask what works now. The answer is surprisingly easy to discover, and it sounds as if it is just a glib answer. However, what has worked in the past for email marketing is likely to … READ MORE »

Triple Hits Hurting Opportunities

Apart from rising fuel price, the increase in the costs of imported goods and raw materials, and inflation leading to calls for higher wages, how is email marketing going for you? If you deal mainly with SMEs you must be aware of how the current situation is hurting them as much as us. The fact … READ MORE »

Encouraging Community Spirit

One of the most ill-used words in common usage is ‘community’. It has an almost universal application to any group of more than one, and as such it has become meaningless as a description. If you split your email marketing list, you could call either group a community, yet they only have responses in common. … READ MORE »

Revolutionary Ideas Are Just An Exercise Away

The best thing we have going for email marketing is the immense amount of data we can obtain which makes it easier (I nearly said easy) to test any changes in our campaigns. It is the reason that so many companies are using email marketing, and, ironically, why we should consider trying something counter to … READ MORE »

Aphorisms Everyone Should Be Guided By

I love aphorisms; they give the impression of intelligence without all that tedious thinking. (That’s one of mine.) I spend hours online looking them up, undaunted by the fact that they’ll make little difference to how I’ll perform, but here are a few with particular relevance to email marketing. There are one or two general … READ MORE »

Consider Abercrombie & Fitch Marketing Ideas

There’s a lot everyone in email marketing can learn from the saga of Abercrombie & Fitch, which went from being must-have to the most-hated retailer in the USA in seemingly no time. A&F were a phenomenon in my local mall, to the extent that security guards stood outside their entrance of a Friday evening and … READ MORE »

Interrogate The Statistics When Targeting

After seeing some of the recently reported statistics regarding the intention of purchasers in the near future, we might think the days of being able to sell luxury items are over, certainly in the short term and maybe even the medium. Reuters recently quoted the chief executive of the British Retail Consortium, who said, “The … READ MORE »


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