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Pushing the limits in email marketing?

I was on holiday when I saw the chalked sign: Free Beer. I was intrigued, but from the start the one thing I did not expect was any free beer. As I approached the shop displaying the sign I could see smaller words chalked above each of the larger ones.  What was on offer was … READ MORE »

Style in email marketing

Everyone knows that a common design identity for all media is important to branding. Customers and targeted prospects should know at first glance that whatever they are viewing is about your company. Most people glance at adverts and emails. In that second they need to know it is from you. Given that you almost certainly sell by … READ MORE »

Choice of Typeface in Email Marketing

Typeface design is an art. Specific typefaces have had books, the plural is correct, written about them and there is many a lecture at art colleges based on a single typeface, perhaps just the relationship between one character and the rest. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you on the subject, although it is one I … READ MORE »

Make Email Marketing Templates That Work For You

It seems odd to criticise companies for offering so many free email templates but it can create a problem. With so many to choose from it is tempting to pick one and just run with it. As with so much in email marketing, a bit of extra effort pays dividends. There are a number of … READ MORE »

The Final Check

The planning is long over and the email is ready to send. Before clicking the button, one last check can stop you wasting your investment in the campaign. Read through the email putting yourself in the frame of mind of the type of subscriber that that particular section of your email marketing list is aimed … READ MORE »

Email Marketing: An Obscure Headline

You didn’t mess with my paternal grandmother, whether you were a council official or the English language, both of which she would bully. I remember the agony of having to keep a straight face when she, after examining the monthly medical pension, ostensibly sent to my grandfather, said that we would have to: ‘bend over … READ MORE »

Redefinement: Do your customers love you?

The problem with rules is that they regulate. Cars mostly look the same nowadays not (only?) because coachwork designers have lost the art, but because constraining factors, such as the construction and use regulations, crash testing and the straightjacket of the laws of physics, especially as they apply to aerodynamics and limit their options. It … READ MORE »


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