Email Campaign Management

How To Target A Multi-Channel Campaign

You have free email marketing templates on tap; a selection of designs you can, and indeed should, modify to ensure your campaign is targeted as precisely as possible. With our data, that’s very targeted.  These templates look so good, and are so easy to perfect, there is the temptation to use them for other channels: … READ MORE »

Aphorisms Everyone Should Be Guided By

I love aphorisms; they give the impression of intelligence without all that tedious thinking. (That’s one of mine.) I spend hours online looking them up, undaunted by the fact that they’ll make little difference to how I’ll perform, but here are a few with particular relevance to email marketing. There are one or two general … READ MORE »

The Dangers Of Using Competitions

I’m a big supporter of using competitions in an email marketing campaign. The promise of reward can excite even the most laid back of us, especially when there is a significant prize, for instance, £5000. When a railway company (the railway) organised a competition as part of their “Build Back Better” promotion, they expected a … READ MORE »

Use Every Interface To Generate Loyalty

I’ve just bought an item directly from the manufacturer. Unusually, I did not buy via an offer in a marketing email. I received an email acknowledgement of my order within an hour, which also gave a window for delivery and, also unusually, a rather comprehensive précis of the legislation covering consumer rights. I can’t remember … READ MORE »

Interrogate The Statistics When Targeting

After seeing some of the recently reported statistics regarding the intention of purchasers in the near future, we might think the days of being able to sell luxury items are over, certainly in the short term and maybe even the medium. Reuters recently quoted the chief executive of the British Retail Consortium, who said, “The … READ MORE »

Is It Time To Update Your Template Design?

When the suspicion that the designs of your marketing emails are a bit bland starts to form, it’s almost impossible to ignore. You convince yourself you’ve fallen behind the curve and that most of your subscribers are thinking that you’ve lost your cutting edge. Before investing in a process of redesign, compare what you are … READ MORE »

10 Suggestions For Email Marketing Copy

Keep the hook at the top of your screen on a Post-It, in big bold type and keep looking at it. Know what you, or your boss, wants from the copy. More importantly, know what the subscribers to your email marketing list want and target them. Try to locate yourself somewhere quiet where interruptions will … READ MORE »

A Better Way Of Using Images

Sorry to start on a rather depressing note, but I’ve recently read an obituary of a book illustrator who revolutionised her art. The way she used, one could say targeted, the pictures was intriguing. Email marketers should learn from her. We have never been so spoiled by choice of image, with a plethora of companies … READ MORE »

Where to place the CTAs in an email

Those of us who search for email marketing advice online are often harangued by commentators who think they know eternal truths that can be encapsulated in a single phrase. Recently, I’ve seen articles on Calls to Action (CTA) where I’m told they should be ‘Unforgettable’ or, practically identically, ‘Easy to Remember’. This is not what … READ MORE »

Suspect The Agreed Truths Of Email Marketing

It’s one of the most repeated rules of testing in email marketing; only test one criterion at a time. If you test two, the results are no longer statistically clear and precise, which is the what makes testing such an essential tool. Do it properly and you know. Anything else is a guess and will … READ MORE »


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