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Use Every Interface To Generate Loyalty

I’ve just bought an item directly from the manufacturer. Unusually, I did not buy via an offer in a marketing email. I received an email acknowledgement of my order within an hour, which also gave a window for delivery and, also unusually, a rather comprehensive précis of the legislation covering consumer rights. I can’t remember … READ MORE »

Interrogate The Statistics When Targeting

After seeing some of the recently reported statistics regarding the intention of purchasers in the near future, we might think the days of being able to sell luxury items are over, certainly in the short term and maybe even the medium. Reuters recently quoted the chief executive of the British Retail Consortium, who said, “The … READ MORE »

The ICO’s Views On FIO Requests

As you can imagine, I have to do a considerable amount of research with regards to the intricacies of email marketing in order to validate what I post on here. I’ve recently spent time on the Information Commissioners Office website, . During periods of change, it’s almost a second home for me as it … READ MORE »

Suspect The Agreed Truths Of Email Marketing

It’s one of the most repeated rules of testing in email marketing; only test one criterion at a time. If you test two, the results are no longer statistically clear and precise, which is the what makes testing such an essential tool. Do it properly and you know. Anything else is a guess and will … READ MORE »

To succeed Is To Ignore Received Wisdom

That’s pretty good advice. We should check everything, and without evidence to confirm, check again. Mind you, every once in a while a report surfaces which does little more than confirm one’s own prejudices, and you wonder whether it’s another case of research from the University of the blatantly obvious. I’ve recently read a report, … READ MORE »

The Threat From Ransomware Is Increasing

There’s an old aphorism which is as true today as when it was first couched; a fence is only a barrier to those who don’t really want to get in. It’s not the most reassuring adage in the world. In fact, for those of us in email marketing, it encapsulates the threat that we live … READ MORE »

Are You Compliant With GDPR?

I’ve recently read a report where the headline stated: Only 28% of firms say they are compliant with the GDPR today, with 30% “close to compliance”. It’s a shocking statistic. It’s even worse when you realise that, in all probability, a significant proportion of the 28% is wrong and they are not compliant. If you … READ MORE »

Be Careful When Using Transactional Emails

In case you are not familiar with the term, transactional emails are automated responses triggered by interactions with your company. This includes a whole range of emails, from the Welcome ones when somebody subscribes to your email marketing list to those which are sent following a purchase. Subjectively, the rate of use appears to be … READ MORE »

Asking the right email marketing questions

I’m no politician. However, if I’m asked how to stop customers unsubscribing from email marketing lists, I will answer a completely different question. It’s the one you really want the answer to. You can’t stop people unsubscribing. The legislation controlling email marketing is quite explicit on the point and requires us to facilitate those who … READ MORE »

The Biggest Danger To Every Company

I attended – those were the days – a two-day seminar which was headlined as ways to avoid the habitual problems of SMEs. The various mistakes made by other companies were covered. It had particular relevance to email marketing as it focused on data security. Let me put you out of your misery with regards … READ MORE »


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