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The Dangers Of Rebranding

When reading an article on rebranding, one company’s name, well names really, came to mind right from the start. I was not surprised to later find a couple of paragraphs on it. That particular rebranding carries warnings for us in email marketing, as well as just about every other company with an online presence. I … READ MORE »

Spam Emails Can Be Convincing

I subscribe to a lot of email marketing lists, which means I receive a higher than average amount of spam. I am rather cautious and if I doubt the authenticity, I open the emails on an old laptop running Linux, which I regularly reinstall. You never know. Most of the spam and phishing emails are … READ MORE »

An Introduction To Split Testing

In these blogs, the importance of repeated testing is often reinforced. Split-testing, also known as A/B testing, is the way of perfecting all forms of email communication, but particularly those used in email marketing. It can, should actually, be used for landing pages as well. It’s the most effective way of increasing ROI. Intuition can … READ MORE »

Balance Loyalty Generated Against ROI

The heading on a just published magazine, ‘How to Save Money Now!’ was identical to the Subject Line of a newsletter that dropped into my inbox. It’s as if they are trying to tell me something. There’s been little in the way of a counter-argument to the accepted premise that we are dropping into a … READ MORE »

Remote Working Is Unlikely To Go Away

There was a song, originating in 1919, the main line of which was, ignoring the vernacular, ‘How are you going to keep them down on the farm now that they’ve seen Paris?’ The theme is obvious. Just to show there is nothing new in the world, including email marketing, data suggests that employees regard the availability … READ MORE »

How Can You Show Your Reviews Are Genuine?

We’ve recently carried a blog on fake reviews,, with advice on how to use them to your benefit. That was then. ‘Things’ have, it seems, escalated and perhaps a more aggressive approach is required.   A recent Which? report entitled, Undercover with the review fakers, with the subheading of Hannah Walsh finds out how … READ MORE »

Crafting Landing Pages Is A Critical Skill

We all concentrate on the design of the marketing email as the prime requirement of our campaigns. There are spam filters to negotiate, exciting subject lines to capture the imagination, headlines to entrance and images and copy to keep people reading, all the time focusing on the click-through button. It doesn’t sound easy, because it’s … READ MORE »

Use Landing Page Procedures

I recently failed to buy an item because of the frustrating post click-through procedure of a company whose email marketing list I am subscribed to. It’s not as bad as it might first of all appear. I went back to the buying page a day or two later once I had got my act together. … READ MORE »

Using Newsletters To Generate Leads

I’ve taken time away from researching email marketing and have been concentrating on newsletters. I mostly subscribe to those from email marketing companies, but I’ve also included those for my hobbies and local interest. In normal circumstances I open around 70% of them, and have built up quite a knowledge of what makes the difference … READ MORE »

How To Find Solutions To Common Problems

With a downturn in in the public’s buying habits, it can be difficult, and if not, then impossible, to instinctively identify specific reasons for low performance in email marketing. After all, low demand might be common across all your competitors. Then again, it might be something specific you could improve. How to work out which? … READ MORE »


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