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Indulgent Email Marketing

I bought myself a present a couple of weeks ago via an email marketing offer. I am now the proud owner of a 3-terrabite, USB-3 (yes, I’m a bit of a nerd), external hard-drive complete with back-up software. It is not the most exciting item, but I am happy with it. The product had 5-star … READ MORE »

Price Isn’t Everything

Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) starts from the premise that price is not the sole reason a customer will pick one company over another. Given the rush to cut costs to the bone and the perceived need for dramatic offers in every email marketing campaign, this tends to go against accepted wisdom. But just run with … READ MORE »

Combating a High Unsubscribe Rate

If you have a spike in your unsubscribe rate, one that is not explained by your email marketing software, then it is time to be concerned. If you show that this spike is outside your normal variation then you need to take action. First the good news: if people are unsubscribing, at least they have … READ MORE »

The Unsubscribe Rate – A Horror Story

Obtaining addresses for an email marketing list is the most significant outlay in email marketing. Every one that you lose must hurt, so most of us pay a great deal of attention to the unsubscribe rate. If it increases unexpectedly we become worried. If it suddenly drops we frantically search for a reason. One of … READ MORE »

Christmas Gifts

I bought all my Christmas presents by the middle of November. I am sad that way. I have a system, a sort of headings method, where the range of possible gifts are whittled down and I end up with limited choices. This might seem to lack any emotional content but recipients do seem pleased with … READ MORE »

Top Tips for the Best Squeeze Pages

Let’s explain the jargon first of all: a squeeze page is a landing page, the specific intent of which is to get people to sign-up to your email marketing list. What makes a good squeeze page will vary depending on product and company to a significant extent although there are some universal truths. 1. Keep … READ MORE »

Keep Squeezing

Email marketing consists of a series of critical stages: getting the email opened, getting the person to buy, keeping them happy enough to ignore the unsubscribe box. Despite its vital importance, the squeeze page, the landing page for signing up to an email marking list, seems to get less attention than it should, which is … READ MORE »

Look and Learn

I have a secret vice. I view YouTube more than I should. If I’m struggling for words, or, as in this case, looking for subject matter for an article, a brief dalliance on the website, or indeed one not so brief, is almost like a break from the computer. I justify this because there are … READ MORE »

Time Out

We have mentioned the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Guidance on here before, and will do so again. It contains fundamental changes for bulk email marketing and the most important of these is how the ICO will view consent in future. No longer will consent be ongoing, not that it was ever open-ended before, but now … READ MORE »

Consenting Adults

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recent Guidance told us that the next big hurdle for bulk email marketing will be consent. It warned us to take care with regards to time limits of consent, but were irritatingly unspecific. The ICO has highlighted four particular areas where time limits on consent will be of concern: 1. … READ MORE »


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